Frequently asked questions

How do I know if counseling is right for me?

At TCC, we consider all people as valued and important, and this means that all people at one point or another encounter the need for (and are deserving of) extra support. We consider counseling as a strength, as people accept that they are facing a difficulty and have the awareness that an outside perspective can bring the resolutions that they desire.

What can I expect from counseling at TCC?

What you get out of counseling culminates from the work that you put into it. At TCC, our goal is to:

  1. Ensure your safety;
  2. Meet you where you are;
  3. Provide you with tools to cope with the difficulties you face;
  4. Process alongside you through our evidence-based modalities to ensure long-term healing.

Do I have to go to Generations Christian Church to get counseling?

No! We welcome all community and church members to Trinity Counseling Center.

Do I have to be a believing Christian to get counseling at TCC?

You do not! While we do offer faith-based, spiritually focused services, we also invite people from all walks of life and beliefs into our doors.

Do you take insurance?

At this time we do not take insurance; we work through self-pay. We can discuss how this works upon scheduling your first session. If you would like to pursue insurance reimbursement yourself, you may request it from your insurance company. Please know that insurance companies can request diagnoses and treatment plans from us in order to reimburse you!

What if I am a Generations Christian Church member and I personally know one of the counselors already and don’t feel comfortable seeing them?

We as counselors cannot ethically see clients that we already know as friends or acquaintances anyway! However, we still want you to see a counselor! If you know one of us, you can see another counselor at our center. We also can connect you with other trusted counselors in the community that can give you quality, wholistic care!